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With a repertoire of over 300 songs ranging from great swing standards, “Rat Pack” numbers and jump/jive rhythm & blues to classic rock’n’roll songs, 1960s soul hits and vintage pop classics, One Jump Ahead keep the dance floor busy from start to finish. Well, would you argue with a creature with 14 eyes, 3 horns & over 200 teeth? Their irresistible blend of jazz, blues and fun generates a highly charged atmosphere that really lets the good times roll. They have wowed audiences from Islington to Israel, Clerkenwell to County Cork and from Docklands to Deutschland!

One Jump Ahead are led by singer, saxophonist and songwriter, Kit Packham, accompanied by piano, guitar, bass, drums, trumpet and another saxophone. Kit has composed plenty of his own, critically acclaimed material but normally concentrates on the well-known “covers”, which encourage everyone to dance. At clubs, festivals, dances and other public events he mixes in more original compositions – or some of his wry updated lyrics to jazz standards.

To find out just how good they are check out this video NOW!

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