We don’t publish full details of private gigs but this page shows all the public and private dates that are currently in our diary, should you wish to check our availability before making an enquiry. If we should be booked for the date you wanted, try the logo link at the end of our list of dates below. This will take you to a website with lots of other bands including a number similar to One Jump Ahead.

09/06/18 Croydon, One Jump Ahead, Public
21/06/18 Douglas Brunton Centre, Caterham, Kit Packham solo, Public
07/07/18 Sutton Green, Kit Packham solo, Private
14/07/18 Moreton, Dorset, One Jump Ahead, Private
25/08/18 Winchester, Hants, One Jump Ahead, Private
30/08/18 Douglas Brunton Centre, Caterham, Kit Packham solo, Public
09/09/18 Hornchurch, One Jump Ahead, Public
11/09/18 Benenden, Kit Packham Duo, Private
22/09/18 Shifnal, One Jump Ahead, Private
19/10/18 Surbiton, Kit Packham solo, Private
20/10/18 Poole, One Jump Ahead, Private
15/12/18 Sutton Green, Kit Packham Quartet, Private




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